Medipartner as exclusive distribution partner

Medipartner began exclusive distribution of Vésale Pharma food supplements at the beginning of this year. We spoke to Cédric Mont, Head of Distribution, and Charlotte Lienart, Key Account & Field Sales Manager.

What changes will distribution bring to Medipartner?

The decision to extend our activities to distribution represents a major development for Medipartner, the fruit of several years’ careful consideration. Since our foundation in 2016, we have demonstrated our expertise, know-how and values by deploying medical teams to GPs and specialists. This experience has solidified our strategic position with our customers and partners.

Over the last three years, our collaborations have also enriched our know-how in managing pharmaceutical teams, particularly in direct sales. Today, we face many changes and challenges:

1. Operational adaptation: We have had to adjust our operations to manage orders from wholesalers and direct customers. This involves forecasting, stock management and logistics, as well as designing and executing marketing campaigns for the products we distribute. This operational challenge requires a highly qualified team, and we have taken care to surround ourselves with the most competent people to make this transition a success.

2. 360° approach: We are now in a position to offer our customers a complete solution by activating our sales forces to reach all healthcare professionals. As a result, the distribution of our products will be comprehensive, while maintaining the same level of commitment and quality that has characterised Medipartner’s vision since its inception.

3. Corporate sustainability: The most significant change is our ability to look to the future with a broader perspective. Through long-term collaborations, we are strengthening our company’s long-term vision, whether in our relationships with our customers or in our commitment to our employees.

This expansion into distribution represents an important step in Medipartner’s evolution, consolidating our position in the market while enabling us to better serve our customers and ensure the long-term future of our company.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Our biggest challenge at the moment is our first distribution contract with Vésale Pharma, our long-standing partner and the first to benefit from Medipartner’s services to promote its products to general practitioners and specialists. We are fully committed to achieving the growth targets set with Vésale Pharma for the Belgian and Luxembourg markets.

What are your objectives for the coming years?

First and foremost, Medipartner aims to maintain a high level of performance, whether in our new challenges such as distribution or in our syndicated and dedicated service solutions. We also attach particular importance to our recruitment service, which continues to develop and strengthen year on year.

Our main objective is to maintain the quality of the work we provide. We are convinced that our transparency, our tailor-made solutions, our constant willingness to question ourselves in the interests of continuous improvement, and our accessibility and respect for our staff and customers are the fundamental values that have contributed to our success from the outset.

In other words, we aspire to demonstrate that this model will have a positive long-term impact on the way we manage the distribution of products to healthcare professionals in Belgium. We are determined to maintain our commitment to excellence and to continue to serve our partners and customers with the same level of quality and integrity that characterises us.

Are there any plans for Medipartner to take over other products as a distributor?

Although we’re not closed to this possibility, as we need to remain agile in the evolution of our business, it’s important to note that distribution is not an end in itself for Medipartner. It’s simply one more facet of the many services we’ve always offered, enabling us to plan for the long term.

In short, our openness to taking on other products as a distributor will depend on our ability to maintain our values and our commitment to quality. We remain vigilant in our choice of partnerships, favouring companies that share our values and offer products that benefit public health. This considered approach will enable us to consolidate our position.