Medipartner has been an ambitious venture ever since we started in 2016.

Here’s an overview of our rapid growth.



  • Founded by Sophie Mestré, supported by angel investor Olivier Delaere
    (Co-CEO of Febelco)
  • Providing an external sales force to meet a growing need for medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • USPs: investing in human capital and data management

Take off

  • Investing in CRM, data gathering and visualisation
  • Meeting a growing demand for teams working exclusively for one customer (dedicated teams)




  • Developing a single-point-of-contact approach
  • Expanding partnerships


  • Building an outstanding reputation and client onboarding
  • We Are Jane, an investment company focusing on female-founded scale-ups, acquires 75% of Medipartner
  • Continuously looking to expand our offering and new target markets




  • As the world is brought to a standstill by COVID-19, this is an opportunity for Medipartner to rebrand, expand its offering and target new markets.

Focus on growth

  • Medipartner sees an increase in clients and projects due to the quality work of its syndicated team. A second syndicated team is set up.
  • The internal departments accountancy, HR, recruiting and marketing are further expanded.
  • Services are optimised to serve clients even better.




  • Medipartner enters into a strategic partnership with Vésale Pharma for the exclusive distribution of high-quality nutritional supplements in Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from 1 January 2024.
  • Medipartner joins an international alliance of service providers, allowing it to draw on the expertise of eight companies in more than 50 countries.