• Connective with customers
  • Connective with applicants, nurturing a network
  • Connective among employees and their families
  • Approachable, in an active way


  • Embracing diversity and flexibility
  • Objective approach
  • Pragmatic use of technology
  • Everyone on the same level
  • Respectful of everyone’s opinion


  • Going the extra mile for the customer
  • Challenging the customer’s viewpoint
  • Challenging applicants
  • Ambitious: always looking for the next challenge and taking risks
  • Thinking outside of the box


  • Working on customised solutions
  • Working on innovative solutions
  • Eye for detail with people and technology
  • Knowing that some solutions take time


  • Giving honest feedback
  • Embracing the power of data
  • Not acting like a black box
  • Pureness and simplicity: what you see is what you get