A challenging job

As a sales or marketing manager in the medical or pharmaceutical sector, setting up a sales or marketing team is quite a challenging job.


“I need a team that knows the world of GPs and pharmacists”

“I fear a high turnover of outsourced teams”

“I face time pressure”

“I want insights on market performance”

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Mieke Gysens, recruitment manager

“With a 10+ years of experience as a medical representative myself, I know what it takes”

Mieke Gysens, business development & recruitment manager

We focus on sales and marketing profiles for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, via direct search or outsourcing. This niche approach has allowed us to build an extensive talent pool over the years, covering profiles of all levels and all stages of seniority. Recruitment is not just fishing for talent, it’s also about giving feedback to candidates. That positive, connecting mindset has proven to be an important source of referrals. It allows us to grow our talent pool in a truly organic way beyond the traditional networks.

What candidate are you looking for?

“Whatever team you go for, it’s experienced and stable”

Bram Debaveye, Field Sales Manager

Bram Debaveye, Field Sales Manager

Syndicated teams

  • Reps on a non-exclusive basis
  • Promote products directly with a targeted number of healthcare professionals (HCPs)
  • Price determined by the time allocation
  • Fully managed by Medipartner
  • Transparent reporting

Dedicated teams

  • Reps on an exclusive basis
  • Full team or stand-alone
  • No time allocation split
  • Managed by you or Medipartner
  • Customized reporting, field coaching, …

What team could work for you?

Cédric Mont

“Read the data and finetune your strategy”

Our internal processes are designed to leverage the full potential of data: clear targeting, time allocation, prescription engagement, follow-up on KPIs,… Our teams enter the data in the SmartSales tool on their iPad, so you can access all the data that are relevant to you, any time 24/7. Every month, you receive a detailed report your team’s performance and feedback from the market. In that way, you can measure your ROI and check whether your sales or marketing strategy is still in line with an ever-changing market.

Want to talk data?

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