Get to know: Bram Debaveye

How did you end up at Medipartner?

I was still working as a Sales Representative through outsourcing in 2015. As there was uncertainty about sustainable employment at my former employer given the company’s financial situation, this was a sign to look for open vacancies. This is how I found a vacancy at Medipartner. At that time, an unknown player for me within the medical sector. After some research, it turned out to be a start-up. Quite a challenge and this immediately appealed to me. I contacted Sophie Mestré who took her first steps with the company that year. I signed my contract shortly afterwards and could start working as one of the first medical representatives in February 2016.

What is the content of your current position?

After 3 years of experience as a Medical Sales Representative within the Syndicated team, I got the opportunity to advance to a position as Field Sales Manager of the team in which I was working as a Medical Sales Representative. It is a very versatile position because within Medipartner, we see the content as broader than what the job title suggests.

Of course, it primarily comes down to being responsible for following up and guiding my team, ranging from coaching them during visits to monitoring their territory management, KPIs and sales results. This also includes organizing regular Sales and Cycle meetings. I am also responsible for guiding the projects within our customer portfolio. Therefore, good and direct contact with our customer(s) is crucial. Together with them, I review and discuss the results, as well as (new) sales and/or marketing strategies. The name of our company was not chosen by chance. We are a partner for our client. A constructive cooperation, that’s what we go for.

In this, what are the daily challenges?

For example, one of my team members might have a hard time selling a product. We then help him or her to achieve results faster and more efficiently.

Should the results not be as expected, we look together for the best way to make this evolve positively. We see every challenge as an opportunity and there is none that we shy away from.

What gives you energy?

Being able to bring an assignment or project to a successful conclusion, when our client gives positive feedback and extends the cooperation. But also being able to give my colleagues tips & tricks that help them achieve a better result.

How would you describe the corporate culture within Medipartner?

People are given a lot of trust and responsibility. That applies to our Sales Representatives, but also to internal departments such as accounting and marketing. We always frame the objective very clearly, but everyone is given the opportunity and freedom to achieve it in his or her own way. We don’t believe in rigid hierarchies here.

Something more personal; tell us something about yourself. Who are you? What do you do in life? Any particular passions?

I am 36 years old, happily married and father of 3 fantastic children.

My hobbies are football (still competitive) and cycling.

As a qualified physical education teacher, sport obviously has an important part in my life. Furthermore, I really enjoy going to watch my favourite team Club Brugge together with friends.

In what areas have you seen Medipartner grow since 2016?

The internal structure that is increasingly taking shape and, of course, the number of people working for us today. We are no longer a start-up and have already gained a lot of expertise, in addition to which people were recruited who already had a lot of experience within the medical sector. When I look at the operational level, I mainly think about the processes we work with within the Operations department and the way we produce our reports and analyses.

Strengths of the company? Why should customers use our services?

We are an organisation that works to suit the customer. We also communicate transparently, are data-driven and solution-minded. No empty terms because with a management and colleagues with years of experience in the field, we do make a difference.