Dietary supplement – calming effect & healthy sleep

Medipartner was called in to promote a relaxing OTC dietary supplement that also promotes sleep. Previously, the supplement was not promoted among GPs and little awareness was created around it. Therefore, efforts were made to increase the share of voice. By measuring the share of voice, we can find out how the product is doing compared to competitors’ dietary supplements.


A long-term partnership of 5 years was chosen by our client, opting to purchase a mixed P2 & P3 position within one of our syndicated teams. The positions were alternated during the term of the cooperation and additional efforts were made for digital communication during the face to face meetings with the GP’s.


After the first promotional year, thanks to the efforts of Medipartner’s Medical Sales Representatives, a +113% increase in sales was noted compared to the previous reference year. In the following years, +87% (Year 2), +26% (Year 3), +27% (Year 4) and +8% (Year 5 – COVID) more sales were generated respectively. These results were achieved thanks to the experience of 9 Medical Representatives who alternately presented the product in position 2 and 3 to our client’s chosen target audience.