In 2023, GAPS (Global Alliance for Pharma Solutions) was founded, a global alliance of service providers that aims to contribute, together with the healthcare community and the lifescience sector, to solutions that benefit patients and drive modernisation and efficiency in the life sciences industry.

Medipartner, along with six other companies, joined this international alliance. “We are honoured to be part of GAPS. With this international alliance of companies sharing the same values and high quality standards in services, we are able to respond to all the strategic needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.” says Medipartner CEO Sophie Mestré. “By working together in this alliance, we can work not only on a local level but also on an international level and benefit from all the expertise of our international partners. With values such as high quality standards, flexibility and agility, Medipartner and GAPS are a perfect match.”

With the expertise of as many as 8500 employees spread across more than 50 countries, the newly formed alliance can boast impressive figures.