Medipartner supports Kom Op Tegen Kanker-run by Olympic Essenbeek-Halle

On Sunday, 3 December 2023, athletics club Olympic Essenbeek-Halle, the club of Belgian Olympians such as the Borlée brothers and Camille Laus, among others, will organise the OEH Duorun & Walk, a relay race in which runners cover a signposted 4 km course twice, at its athletics track and in the adjacent Provincial Domain of Huizingen (Beersel). The rookie running event starts at 11am with runner 1 completing 4km, runner 2 taking over for another 4km and they then finish another 4km together. Start and finish will be given next to the athletics track – which is still in a renovation phase. Walkers can also attend the event as a 4 km course has been set out for them too.

As the running and walking event is one of the many actions being set up to get three OEH teams to the start of the 100 km run of Kom Op Tegen Kanker, Medipartner is happy to provide support for this first edition. For example, our company will be seen on the chest numbers and at the start and finish area. In the meantime, OEH and Team Belgium athlete Jonathan Sacoor has committed himself to take up the sponsorship of this event and will also kick off the race on Sunday 3 December.

Entries are open to all sports enthusiasts who fancy a challenging relay race in duo or walk. Being a member of an athletics club is not a requirement. Running duos can register here. Walkers via this link.