Medipartner and Vésale Pharma join forces for exclusive distribution in Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Medipartner is proud to announce a strategic agreement with Vésale Pharma, an internationally active producer of high-quality nutritional supplements. As of 1 January 2024, Medipartner will handle the exclusive distribution of Vésale Pharma products within Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Years of cooperation

“The choice for a partnership with Medipartner was obvious given that we have already been working together in confidence since 2016” says Charlotte Lienart, BeLux Director at Vésale Pharma. “Medipartner’s extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the market make it the ideal partner for the distribution of Vésale Pharma products. Their Medical Sales teams, meanwhile, are familiar with our offering and offer us the assurance that they will diligently ensure the continued growth of our make share.”

Titouan Vesters, COO at Vésale Pharma is also convinced that this agreement marks a turning point in Vésale Pharma’s path to future growth. “It enables us to direct our export efforts in an even more effective way and strengthen our international presence. This applies both to our finished products and to our probiotics as raw material. This strategic partnership will allow us to further develop our brands on a worldwide level and expand our reach, allowing us to explore new opportunities and markets. This while we can continue to build on our reputation as a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Focus abroad

“In our partnership with Vésale Pharma, there is a rich history dating back to the very beginning of Medipartner in 2016. Indeed, Vésale Pharma was the very first client with whom MP developed its business. Over the years, both companies have got to know each other through and through, which has led to a deep-rooted mutual trust. Their products feel like a second skin to us, so to speak, and our teams have made countless visits to GPs, specialists and pharmacies to make the products known.” says Sophie Mestré, CEO at Medipartner.

“The decision to become exclusive distribution partners marks an important and logical next step in our collaboration with Vésale Pharma. This allows Vésale Pharma to focus even more on the international market and further build their brands. But for Medipartner, this step is equally of strategic importance. As experts in various medical and pharmaceutical sales channels, such as general practitioners, specialists and pharmacies, we now add a new dimension to our services to customers. The distribution business allows us to take a product to the highest possible return, which strengthens our position as a leading player in the industry.”