2024 brings professional growth opportunities for Jelle and Bram

The new year has only just started and the holidays are not even quite behind us yet, but within Medipartner, things have not been idle. Following the earlier announcement of the switch of Charlotte Lienart, previously working as Director Belux at Vésale Pharma, to the position of Key Account & Field Sales Manager within Medipartner, changes are again being made to the internal organisational chart. Jelle Maes and Bram Debaveye will start 2024 in a new position. We let both gentlemen have their say.

Bram, you are a real ‘veteran’ within the company.

True. I have been there since the very beginning in 2016 and started as a Medical Sales Representative within the first established syndicated team of which I became Field Sales Manager in 2018. That I get to take another step in my career within the same company this year is a great signal. Not only of the trust placed in me, but also of the commitment to employee training and growth within Medipartner.

Jelle, you too have been working here for a while. How did your trajectory go?

Well, I too started in 2016 and Bram and I were direct colleagues within the syndicated team. So we have known each other for a while. Afterwards, Bram became my Field Sales Manager. I learned a lot from him, but he also from me – laughs. That I can now – again with Bram’s guidance – take a new step as Junior Field Sales Manager makes me happy. I feel good here within Medipartner and am greatly looking forward to this new challenge.

Project Manager, Bram, your new job title. Can you explain it a bit?

I will be responsible for following up the ongoing projects of a selection of customers. That’s a broad term, but what it comes down to is that I, together with colleague Frédéric Durvaux and therefore also Jelle, will set out the lines and supervise and manage the assignments we receive from our customers as well as possible. I most look forward to the contact and follow-up meetings with the customers because I am quite results-oriented and have, as they say, ‘a hands-on’ mentality.

What do you particularly see yourself growing in, Jelle?

For me, the new position will be quite an adjustment because I will no longer be on the road every day. There will now be more coordination and administration involved. But also coaching; which is where I get the most energy from. I am most looking forward to working with colleagues, albeit at a different level than before. So it will still be necessary to keep looking at myself critically, grow in different fields and pick up a lot of information. That is suddenly my biggest goal in 2024.

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