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Brand manager – Nijvel/Nivelles


An innovative and widely recognised company, particularly in the hair and joint care fields, our client develops high added value medicinal products, food supplements and medical devices.

This 100% Belgian family company employs around a hundred enthusiastic staff and has remained independent from any group since it was founded


Preparing the annual budget and assigning it to the different products;

Developing and implementing Marketing strategies for each product/range and communicating these to the sales team.

Taking part to develop and implement communication campaigns intended for the general public

Performing market research for the products;

Monitoring the implementation of the Marketing strategy in the field and analysing the ROI;

Analysing and tracking market trends: IMS data, feedback from in the field, literature, etc.;

Preparing sales forecasts and sample volume forecasts;

Designing, assessing, analysing and adapting the “sales team” Marketing material (Detail-aid, leaflet, planning schedule, calendar, scientific pack, catalogues, FAQs, info sheets, display, etc.);

Producing and dispensing product-related training and managing Cycle meetings with the sales staff;

Negotiation, production, monitoring and ROI analysis of the “general public” Marketing material (website, advertising, on-line campaigns, etc.);

Scientific and Marketing monitoring among the salesforce and clients (answering questions, providing explanations, adapting material, etc.);

Organisation of and participation in seminars and conferences (from registration to on-site presence);

Developing partnerships with KOL’s;

Handling product launches: meetings, communications and managing the various materials and aids issued to representatives, etc.;

Contact with the product suppliers: new products on the market, research, products, etc.;


Trilingual (Dutch, French and English)

Holder of a Bachelor’s or a Master degree in Marketing / Communication / Science

“Hands on” and skilled at tracking projects

At ease with figures and data

In-depth knowledge in fields related to our products

Good writing skills

Experience (+-5 years) in a marketing field or a related position.

IT skills (MS Office programs)

Analytical skills

Advanced communication and presentation skills


A permanent, full-time job;

A competitive package;

An attractive salary;


0474/82 84 99


0474/82 84 99